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In light of the recent tragedies and events in the Charlotte region and elsewhere, the College of Education reaffirms our commitment to respect, safety, diversity, inclusion and acceptance for all. As the College of Education, we believe it is our role to help educate others about difference. We stand in support of any student who feel angry, isolated, or afraid. And we remain committed to open dialogue that is respectful and inclusive.  

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China and Korea Study Abroad
September 28, 2016
A group of UNC Charlotte College of Education graduate students and faculty are back with stories from overseas after participating in in a study abroad program in China and Korea this summer. Under the guidance of faculty members Chuang Wang, Do-Hong Kim and Lan Kolano, 27 students traveled across parts of the Asian countries as part of a comparative education course.

Brittany Banks
September 20, 2016
Teaching is all about passion. That was the theme of the day at a Kannapolis City School’s breakfast held Thursday morning. The district named Brittany Banks, a kindergarten teacher at Shady Brook Elementary, its 2016 Teacher of the Year, but Superintendent Daren “Chip” Buckwell said it was a difficult decision.

Fulbright logo
September 15, 2016
College of Education professor Spencer Salas has been selected as a 2016-2018 alumni ambassador for the Fulbright Scholars program. As one of 25 Fulbright Alumni Ambassadors, Salas, an associate professor in the Department of Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education, will serve as an official representative of the organization by participating in numerous outreach events throughout the year.

Frank Thompson
September 12, 2016
Frank Thompson deployed to Iraq as a parachute rigger in support of Special Forces units and later spent time in Afghanistan as well. He will seek a master's degree in counseling with a specialization in clinical mental health, with tuition and expenses paid by a UNC Charlotte program for veterans.