College of Education




June 17, 2015
The answers to the big questions by their very nature provoke strong reactions. The debate over the right way to find those answers is no less contentious. Out of this landscape has emerged the discussion over the relationship between science and religion. Can they coexist? What role do they have in public policy? What should be taught in schools?

Sleeping Student
June 9, 2015
Everyone remembers those harrowing moments. You slink down in your chair, almost under the desk, trying desperately to avoid discarded gum and the teacher’s probing eyes. What is that up there on the chalkboard—hieroglyphics? Rather than consult the calculus book for answers, you consider throwing it to the ground and fleeing the scene.

India group photo
May 19, 2015
College of Education Professor Spencer Salas is in India working with the U.S. State Department to train people to teach English in New Delhi.

Dorothy Counts
May 14, 2015
A rowdy mob walked shoulder to shoulder with Dorothy Counts-Scoggins as she neared the doors of Harding High. Some yelled slurs, threw rocks, or spat. It was the first day of class in the fall of 1957, and integration had started in Mecklenburg County.