Professor Zoi Philippakos Wins Inaugural Alumni Award from University of Delaware

Date Published: 
Thursday, June 29, 2017

Professor Zoi Philippakos has received the 2017 New Graduate Alumni Award from the University of Delaware (UD) College of Education & Human Development.

Currently an assistant professor in the UNC Charlotte Department of Reading and Elementary Education, Dr. Philippakos is the inaugural recipient of the award, which recognizes recent graduates who have distinguished themselves in their chosen profession. In announcing the award, UD described Philippakos as a “rare scholar” with a firm grounding in both reading and writing research.

Since arriving at UNC Charlotte in 2015, she has been active in grant-supported research, co-authored three books, and written two book chapters and eight peer reviewed journal articles. Philippakos also actively presents and participates at national and international conferences.

“Zoi is a passionate researcher and teacher and a dedicated colleague,” said Dr. Mike Putman, chair of the Department of Reading and Elementary Education. “Her work is having a significant impact on the writing performance of many children.  Zoi's research has also been featured in some of the best journals in the field, which is a significant accomplishment for someone this early in her career.”

Philippakos’s research interests include reading and writing instruction for students in the elementary grades and at the college level, and approaches to professional development for classroom instructors. She has presented writing instruction seminars to elementary schools in several states and conducts rigorous research across states. She has a strong belief on evidence-based methodologies and on reading and writing across the curriculum.

Dr. Zoi Philippakos received her undergraduate degree in education from the University of Thrace in Greece. She earned a master’s in reading and Ph.D. in Education from the University of Delaware, graduating with a doctorate in 2012.

by: Wills Citty