Faculty Handbook


o   Mission/Vision/Values

o   Organization Chart

o   Faculty and Staff Directory

o   Academic Programs in the College of Education

o   Program Directors/Coordinators in the College of Education

o   Professional Development Schools

o   Student Organizations

Assessment, Accreditation and Program Approval

                                o   Assessment, Accreditation and Program Approval Overview

                                o   Comprehensive Assessment System: Frequently Asked Questions

                                o   Student Learning Outcomes: NCATE Standards and SACS

     o   Professional Dispositions

o   NCATE Vita Format

Curriculum, Course, and Syllabi Development

o        Course and Curriculum Proposal Procedures

o        Guidelines for Independent Study Development

o        Course Outline Template

o        Checklist for Preparing Course Syllabi

o        COED Required Course Syllabi Inserts

          Links to Important Documents for Course Development

o   CACREP Standards

o   Conceptual Framework

o   NC Professional Teaching Standards

o   NC Teacher Candidate Rubric

o   NC School Executive Standards

o   Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) and other Professional Organizations


Faculty Responsibilities and Faculty Development

                               o   Core responsibilities of a faculty member in the College of Education

     o  Job Description: Department Chair: College of Education

o   Faculty Development Overview

o   College of Education Graduate Faculty Criteria

o   Faculty Workload Policies

o   Faculty Guidelines for Reduction in Teaching

o   Peer Observation/Student Evaluation of Instruction 

o   Guideline for Peer Observation

o   Advising

o   Mentoring

o   Agreement re Grade of Incomplete

o   Part-time faculty

o   Research support

o   Grant support

o   Faculty Research Incentive

o   Technology Support

o   Travel Support



o   Governance Overview

o   Voting Policy

o   Standing Committees

o   By-Laws of the College of Education Faculty Council

o   2017-2018 Committee List

o   Professional Education Council Description

o   2016-2017 Professional Education Council Roster

o   College Meeting Schedules

          Reporting Responsibilities

o   Reporting responsibilities overview

o   Faculty Annual Report


o   Annual College of Education Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service

o   Additional Faculty and Student Awards