Faculty Fellows

About the Faculty Fellows Program
The goals of the Faculty Fellows Program is to build on the College of Education’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan by 1) providing faculty time for an intensive experience in teaching, engagement, or diversity, and 2) institutionalizing leadership opportunities for faculty in one of these areas. Thus, we propose the creation of a community of faculty members who have demonstrated commitment to their respective area (teaching, engagement, or diversity). These fellows will begin or expand on an initiative in one of the above areas and share the results with other faculty members in the College. Those selected will be known as Teaching Faculty Fellow, Engagement Faculty Fellow, and Diversity Faculty Fellow.

Faculty fellows will create a project or initiative for themselves in their respective area.  At the completion of the project the Fellow will:  1) implement the project by producing a tangible product that informs the college (and appropriate stakeholders) about the project, 2) share learnings with the College through some appropriate form of dissemination, and 3) mentor others interested in the Fellows program. 

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Current Faculty Fellows
photo of Dr. Lan Kolano photo of Dr. Lisa Merriweather photo of Chuang Wang
Dr. Lan Kolano
More information about Dr. Kolano's project
Dr. Lisa Merriweather
More information about Dr. Merriweather's project
Dr. Chuang Wang
More information about Dr. Wang's project
Previous Faculty Fellows
photo of Dr. Florence Martin    
Dr. Florence Martin

More information about Dr. Martin's project