Cato College of Education Provides Free Master's Degrees to Groups of Local Teachers

UNC Charlotte master's degree in education
Thursday, February 28, 2019

by: Maggie Blackwell, Salisbury Post

Local teachers are studying for their master’s degrees for free, thanks to a program provided by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Jeanneine Jones, professor of middle grades education, and Tina Heafner, professor of middle, secondary and K-12, developed the program in 2015. They’ve offered it in Union, Stanly and Irdell counties and Rowan twice.

“We’ve found this district to be incredibly hospitable and inviting to us, very engaged in the development of a strong teaching force,” Jones said. “Many districts are hiring teachers who have no degree and allowing them to literally learn on the job. RSS seems to understand the value of a master’s degree and all the things that come along with one: communication skills, leadership, research skills, how to nurture community and school partnerships, justice.”