Event Connects Parents of Children with Disabilities and Future Special Educators

Special education event
Monday, April 15, 2019

The Exceptional Children's Assistance Center (ECAC), in collaboration with the Cato College of Education’s Department of Special Education and Child Development recently presented a daylong free training for parents of children with disabilities. The workshop, called “Parents as Leaders: Taking the Next Step – Telling Your Story” was led by Beverly Roberts, Aimee Combs, and Rowena Barker of ECAC along with professor Donna Sacco.

The program helps prepare family members to share their stories with future special education teachers.

“When families of children with disabilities share their knowledge and experiences with future educators, those educators are more likely to work collaboratively with families later in their careers,” professor Sacco said. “That partnership between special educators and families is critical to success.”

The family members also use this process of telling their stories to present to other professionals in school districts or before school boards and other government agencies, according to the hosts. Their ultimate goal is to improve services, outcomes, and quality of life for students with disabilities and their families. 

Attendees said they valued hearing other people’s stories, learning that they were not alone, and realizing that each family had such different but relatable stories.

The ECAC provided breakfast, lunch, reimbursement for mileage, and stipends for daycare to parents attending the workshop. Funding for this program is provided through the North Carolina State Improvement Project, and Exceptional Children Division North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.                                 

Learn more about the ECAC here.