New Podcast Navigates Relationship Between Science and Religion

Bible and scientific formulas
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

“Science and religion” - the mere mention of the terms together conjures up images of fiery speeches or awkward silences. A new podcast created by Cato College of Education professor Ian Binns and colleagues will navigate the strange and fascinating relationship between the two, discovering ways to hold both in mind without compromising on either.

“Down the Wormhole” is hosted by Binns and four other Sinai and Synapses fellows, a group that explores big questions from both religious and scientific perspectives.

Binns, an associate professor in elementary science education, focuses his research on the nature of science, scientific inquiry, and the interaction between science and religion.

“The ‘tension’ between science and religon is there because so many people believe it’s required,” said Binns. “People believe the tension has always been present and that the scientific and religious community want it. That’s not the case, as we hope to demonstrate in this podcast.”

New episodes of the “Down the Wormhole” will be released every Wednesday. The first episode explores the hosts’ diverse religious backgrounds and scientific/theological training.