Educational Support for K-12 Students

Thank you for your interest in hiring UNC Charlotte students to facilitate learning for your child/children. We understand these are challenging times and we are committed to assisting community members.

Please use this form to submit opportunities.

The University Career Center will distribute opportunities to students who self-select into our resume book system. These opportunities will distribute once per week and will consist of the information you provide on this form. It is the sole responsibility of the individual, family, or family group posting an opportunity to screen and interview candidates, provide clear expectations, and monitor work being completed. Additionally, adequate safety measures regarding illnesses (including COVID-19) should be in place and are the responsibility of the individual, family, or family group providing the job opportunities. All positions must be paid and employees should utilize proper IRS documentation to report wages earned. Students will not receive academic credit for these experiences. By submitting this form, you agree to these principles.

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