Charlotte Teacher Early College (CTEC) Research or Projects: Request for Proposals

Charlotte Teacher Early College (CTEC) Research or Projects:  Request for Proposals

The Charlotte Teacher Early College (CTEC) is a unique high school for future teachers.  To our knowledge, there is no other early college high school designed specifically for aspiring teachers.  The Cato College of Education is a partner with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools in developing this school.  We need two things.  First, we need a project to develop these students as future teachers now, through admittance into an official teacher preparation program. Ideas such as visiting schools, inviting CTEC students into COED classes, and visiting cultural institutions related to education have been proposed.  This request for proposals invites faculty to propose ideas for how we might work more closely with this population to prepare them for the teaching profession. 

Second, this initiative demands that we conduct studies on it.  We need to examine the school, its students, and its impact.  Who are these young people and why did they choose this school?  Why do they want to teach?  Have their choices changed from teaching and why?  What shapes their thinking about teaching and why?  How are they becoming prepared to teach?  What are their CTEC experiences?  These are just a few questions that could and should be answered by this initiative.

Grants from $2,000-$10,000 will be awarded this year for either projects that build on the mission of CTEC or studies that examine some aspect of it. Reviews will be conducted by COED Deans and Principal Will Leach. Decisions will be made by October 1. All recipients must make a presentation to the faculty about the work within three months of the grant period ending.

To apply Submit a proposal outlining the work, with budget, to Associate Dean Dawson Hancock by September 15th. Maximum 3 pages, single-spaced.  Budget can only support state allowable expenses.  Suggested template follows:

CTEC Project (1-3 pages):

PI and Co-PIs:
Grant period 9dates of the work):

CTEC Study (1-3 pages):

PI and CoPIs:
Study Period (dates of the study):
Research question/s:
Deliverables (beyond presentation to College):