The Office of Research Development and Management

Office of Research Development and Management 

The Office of Research Development and Management (ORDM) delivers high quality support for researchers in identifying funding opportunities, preparing proposals, and managing awards.  Our mission is to facilitate the growth of research by assisting faculty in getting their research plans into a viable proposal, submitted to the right sponsor, and managing the award to ensure compliance.  We represent the investigators on any grant-related issue with the UNCC grants and contracts office or the sponsor. We provide oversight on active awards, and when necessary provide faculty and staff with the necessary tools, assistance, and training they will need.

What we Do:

  • Assist in locating funding opportunities, and post to website
  • Publish the monthly ORDM Digest that highlights proposal submissions and grants awarded, as well as provide grant-related resources
  • Assist with the Electronic Internal Processing Form (eIPF) in NORM
  • Prepare itemized budgets and budget narratives for grant proposals
  • Review grant/contract applications and note key due dates
  • Assist in completing various forms for proposal submissions
  • Provide PIs with information and guidance on proposal submissions
  • Upload proposals for electronic submissions (e.g, FastLane, etc.)
  • Serve as liaison between researchers (PIs) and the UNCC grants and contracts offices
  • Review and implement terms and conditions listed in award documents
  • Assist in the preparation of financial reports
  • Provide year-round financial oversight of grant awards
  • Prepare faculty release time on grant awards
  • Prepare faculty summer effort on grant awards
  • Assist departmental administrative staff with the preparation of various transactions on grant funds (e.g. NinerTalent, eGAs, eCRs, etc.)
  • Review and approve financial transactions (e.g. 49er Mart purchases; tuition and stipend payments, graduate assistantships, etc.) on grant awards to ensure financial compliance
  • Provide training to departmental administrative staff on grant-related topics

The Office of Research Development and Management reports to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies