What We Do

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  • Assist in locating funding opportunities, and post to website
  • Publish the monthly ORDM Digest that highlights proposal submissions and grants awarded, as well as provide grant-related resources
  • Assist with the Electronic Internal Processing Form (eIPF) in NORM
  • Prepare itemized budgets and budget narratives for grant proposals
  • Review grant/contract applications and note key due dates
  • Assist in completing various forms for proposal submissions
  • Provide PIs with information and guidance on proposal submissions
  • Upload proposals for electronic submissions (e.g Grants.gov, FastLane, etc.)
  • Serve as liaison between researchers (PIs) and the UNCC grants and contracts offices
  • Review and implement terms and conditions listed in award documents
  • Assist in the preparation of financial reports
  • Provide year-round financial oversight of grant awards
  • Prepare faculty release time on grant awards
  • Prepare faculty summer effort on grant awards
  • Assist departmental administrative staff with the preparation of various transactions on grant funds (e.g. NinerTalent, eGAs, eCRs, etc.)
  • Review and approve financial transactions (e.g. 49er Mart purchases; tuition and stipend payments, graduate assistantships, etc.) on grant awards to ensure financial compliance
  • Provide training to departmental administrative staff on grant-related topics

The Office of Research Development and Management reports to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies