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For any technical questions, please email taskstream@uncc.edu from your UNC Charlotte email address. Please include your full name and 800#. 

For any portfolio or assignment questions please email coedassessment@uncc.edu.

Please note: Most emails are answered within 48 hours.

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Common Questions
What is an enrollment code and where do I get it?

An enrollment code associates you with the correct DRF. The enrollment code comes from your instructor or program coordinator to ensure that you have the correct code. Click here for a list of most codes.

Why does my login say "PersonID not found"?

Your account was not automatically created.  To create your account, send an email to taskstream@uncc.edu including your full name, 800 number and UNC Charlotte email address.

Why does my Electronic Evidence (EE) say outdated?

Your academic department requested a major change to the EE or rubric. In order to facilitate that request, the DRF had to be altered so users that have not completed that EE will see only the newest one. Since you began work under or even completed the old EE, you will see both the new and old versions. If you have completed the outdated EE there is no need for you to submit anything for the new version.

Why does my account say it is expired?

Your account is automatically created when you are registered in a course with an electronic evidence, if you have not logged in within the last semester your account is inactivated. To renew your account, send an email to taskstream@uncc.edu including your full name, 800 number and UNC Charlotte email address.
NOTE: You do not need a renewal code and definitely should not pay for a Taskstream account at this point.

My video will not upload into Taskstream. What can I do?

There could be a few reasons why the video will not upload such as file size, internet speed, network traffic and other factors. Videos must be 500 mb or less to be uploaded into Taskstream. If your video file is large, you may want to try compressing it to a smaller size. Larger files may cause the process to freeze altogether. Taskstream does provide some suggestions in video formatting at this site.