Summer Program Promotes Quality Teaching and Coaching

Teacher Education Institute 2019
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

by: Ellen McIntyre, Dean of the Cato College of Education

What does it take to prepare a teacher to be ready to succeed on their first day of work? To help answer that question, three years ago the Cato College of Education established the Teacher Education Institute, a summer program continuing this week that focuses on quality teaching and coaching. We know it is essential to work in collaboration with cooperating teachers—called clinical educators today—who work with student teachers.  During TEI, faculty in the Cato College of Education work with select clinical educators to analyze video of teachers at all levels of expertise.

The teachers learn coaching strategies and rehearse those strategies with their peers. They scrutinize the tasks or activities teachers give to students to assess whether these tasks push them cognitively. And they examine every instructional practice with an equity lens. This means they learn how to see how instructional moves and decisions positively or negatively affects learning of particular children in their class. The UNC Charlotte Teacher Education Institute is just one of the many facets of how UNC Charlotte is transforming how they prepare teachers.  Thanks to the Belk Foundation for supporting this important work. Teachers and children in our surrounding region will benefit!